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A collection of blogs, begun at the start of the pandemic, about art, about life, about seeing, about travel, about the world.

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    Like A Real Store

    Some of the works on my website are for sale. Many are not.

    Going to my website is kind of like going to the beach. At the beach, you can swim, surf, grill, play volleyball, take a nap. Or just stare at the ocean and follow boats on the horizon. It’s a whole experience.

    My website is a place to see our current exhibition, view recent acquisitions, read current and archived blogs and get a sense of what the gallery is about. Where we’ve been, where we are now. A gathering place.

    We’ve just added another activity… our online store.

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    April is the Cruelest Month
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    Cornelius Annor, Black Doll
    Cornelius Annor, Black Doll
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    More Adventure • Less Convention
    After 3 years of pandemic, natural disasters, domestic and international terror, and more...I still don't feel like I have any better sense of the world or where things are going. To me, the world seems to keep getting smaller and I have to focus on the life right in front of me to find little pockets of joy.
    Walks, time with friends, art, nature. These are truths that do make sense.
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    Another World: The Transcendental Painting Group
    is finishing its nearly 2-year run.  Please make plans to see it in Los Angeles before it leaves in mid-April. 
  • The Perspective of Adventure

    Colorado & Paris
    Aaron Payne by Aaron Payne
    The Perspective of Adventure
    As the New Year begins to unfold,  I think the theme for 2023 should be adventure. Adventurous in action and in spirit.
  • About Last Week

    Gallery Opening: December 2022
    Aaron Payne by Aaron Payne
    About Last Week

    A warm thank you to all the people who braved a rather windy and dark night to follow the farolitos upstairs to my gallery opening. It was wonderful to see so many people I had not seen in a while and to meet many people new to the gallery and to Santa Fe. A lot of you moved here during the past two years, so welcome!  I hope you'll all be back again soon.  Here are some of the favorites:

  • Thanksgiving

    November 2022
    Aaron Payne by Aaron Payne
    Thanksgiving is the best of holidays, conceived around the ageless practice of sharing a meal. Perhaps the oldest, the original human group activity.
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    The Magic Formula
    I have recently returned from a three-week trip. 
    I haven't traveled for three weeks in a long time.
  • The Return

    October 2022
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    The Return
    It's been almost a year since my last blog post.
    I have been heartened by the many people who have said they missed hearing from me.
  • The Poetry of Hope

    Edward Corbett: May 2021
    Aaron Payne by Aaron Payne
    The Poetry of Hope

    It has been a while since I've reached out. 


    Here in New Mexico, everything has begun to reopen . . . from spring flowers and leaves, to businesses and restaurants. Things feel more hopeful than they have  in quite a while.


    So, I thought I’d put together a small showing  f one of my favorite artists -- Edward Corbett -- whose canvases themselves emanate a visual poetry of hope.

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    A Change in Perspective

    "Attempt what is not certain. Certaintly may or may not come later. It may then be a valuable delusion."


    - Richard Diebenkorn

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    Art, Advocacy & Philanthropy

    I have been thinking lately…How can these three come together to support the efforts of others and build a better world for all? What role can art play here? What role can I play?

  • Museums Open

    9. September 2020
    Aaron Payne by Aaron Payne
    Museums Open
    Written just as museums were beginning to reopen during the first year of the pandemic.
  • Connoisseurship

    2. June 2020
    Aaron Payne by Aaron Payne
    The first in a series of blogs about connoisseurship. A topic that has always compelled me, even though it isn't always easy to remember how to spell it.
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    Why Collect Now: A Pandemic Perspective

    The was the first in a series of posts thinking about how we collect art, why NOW is always a good time to collect, and what it is we are actually collecting….

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    Doesn't Everyone Want To Own a Georgia O'Keeffe

    This was the first blog I wrote when I launched my new website in the spring of 2020.