The Return

October 2022
October 15, 2022
The Return
For me, one of the lingering effects of The Covid Years is that I now work 
around the clock and some part of every day. Sounds horrible, doesn't it?! 
I have heard the same from many of my colleagues.
Writing down and sharing my experiences started to feel like a chore and so I stopped. Now I realize it's what I want to do more than so many other why not? Something else will have to go.


In the coming posts I will share with you my recent travels, acquisitions, 
and perspectives on collecting, connoisseurship and the art market.
We are building a new website with exciting features, including private viewing rooms, so for now these musings will exist in the emails only and not on my current website. Once we go live with the new site, we will post all of the blogs there..
Also, I will soon announce the opening of a public project space here in Santa Fe.As much I have enjoyed and thrived private dealing the last three years since we closed the gallery on Marcy Street, I have missed the engagement and spontaneity of a gallery.

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