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April 18, 2024
Like A Real Store Unlike the rest of our website, there are items in the store that have prices! Most of the items here are under $ 10,000. Many are under $ 5,000. Some even less. These are works that are in inventory but not often on display.

For our initial launch, we feature a very colorful and dynamic print by African American artist, curator and scholar David Driskell. Accent of Autumn, 2016. We have a number of works from this small edition available.

There are also works by Sanford Biggers, Jeff Koons, Takashi Murakami, Lorna Simpson and others.

EVERY MONTH we will add different pieces to the store and three will be an opportunity to buy works from the store at a reduced price. Some may be as much as 50% less than the current asking price. However, once they leave the store and go back into regular inventory… the sale is over. Like a real store. We may give a heads up in a blog, but keep your eye on the store as there will be some interesting works there at really great prices

Many, many years ago when I lived and worked in New York a very prominent dealer once chided me for referring to a price as “the retail price”. “We are not in retail”, he said. He looked disgusted. Like I had insulted every member of his family at once. But he was right. If we were in retail we’d all be out of business. BUT…this online store is kind of retail and the prices are the prices and you just go into the online store and buy something. Like in a store.

Thanks for taking a look, and please visit often!

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