A collection of blogs, begun at the start of the pandemic, about art, about life, about seeing, about travel, about the world.

  • Aaron Payne by Aaron Payne
    More Adventure • Less Convention
    After 3 years of pandemic, natural disasters, domestic and international terror, and more...I still don't feel like I have any better sense of the world or where things are going. To me, the world seems to keep getting smaller and I have to focus on the life right in front of me to find little pockets of joy.
    Walks, time with friends, art, nature. These are truths that do make sense.
  • Aaron Payne by Aaron Payne
    Another World: The Transcendental Painting Group
    is finishing its nearly 2-year run.  Please make plans to see it in Los Angeles before it leaves in mid-April. 
  • The Perspective of Adventure

    Colorado & Paris
    Aaron Payne by Aaron Payne
    The Perspective of Adventure
    As the New Year begins to unfold,  I think the theme for 2023 should be adventure. Adventurous in action and in spirit.
  • About Last Week

    Gallery Opening: December 2022
    Aaron Payne by Aaron Payne
    About Last Week

    A warm thank you to all the people who braved a rather windy and dark night to follow the farolitos upstairs to my gallery opening. It was wonderful to see so many people I had not seen in a while and to meet many people new to the gallery and to Santa Fe. A lot of you moved here during the past two years, so welcome!  I hope you'll all be back again soon.  Here are some of the favorites:

  • Thanksgiving

    November 2022
    Aaron Payne by Aaron Payne
    Thanksgiving is the best of holidays, conceived around the ageless practice of sharing a meal. Perhaps the oldest, the original human group activity.
  • The Magic Formula

    Venice • October 2022
    Aaron Payne by Aaron Payne
    The Magic Formula
    I have recently returned from a three-week trip. 
    I haven't traveled for three weeks in a long time.
  • The Return

    October 2022
    Aaron Payne by Aaron Payne
    The Return
    It's been almost a year since my last blog post.
    I have been heartened by the many people who have said they missed hearing from me.
  • The Poetry of Hope

    Edward Corbett: May 2021
    Aaron Payne by Aaron Payne
    The Poetry of Hope

    It has been a while since I've reached out. 


    Here in New Mexico, everything has begun to reopen . . . from spring flowers and leaves, to businesses and restaurants. Things feel more hopeful than they have  in quite a while.


    So, I thought I’d put together a small showing  f one of my favorite artists -- Edward Corbett -- whose canvases themselves emanate a visual poetry of hope.

  • Aaron Payne by Aaron Payne
    A Change in Perspective

    "Attempt what is not certain. Certaintly may or may not come later. It may then be a valuable delusion."


    - Richard Diebenkorn

  • Aaron Payne by Aaron Payne
    Art, Advocacy & Philanthropy

    I have been thinking lately…How can these three come together to support the efforts of others and build a better world for all? What role can art play here? What role can I play?

  • Museums Open

    9. September 2020
    Aaron Payne by Aaron Payne
    Museums Open
    Written just as museums were beginning to reopen during the first year of the pandemic.
  • Connoisseurship

    2. June 2020
    Aaron Payne by Aaron Payne
    The first in a series of blogs about connoisseurship. A topic that has always compelled me, even though it isn't always easy to remember how to spell it.
  • Aaron Payne by Aaron Payne
    Why Collect Now: A Pandemic Perspective

    The was the first in a series of posts thinking about how we collect art, why NOW is always a good time to collect, and what it is we are actually collecting….

  • Aaron Payne by Aaron Payne
    Doesn't Everyone Want To Own a Georgia O'Keeffe

    This was the first blog I wrote when I launched my new website in the spring of 2020.