November 2022
November 22, 2022
There is no religious activity, events to remember or people to honor, and best of gifts to buy. People go crazy the day after Thanksgiving, 
but for the holiday itself there is nothing to do but show up, relax and enjoy more food than necessary. It's also a time when we often share a day with people we don't know. You invite a friend to join your family or you put together a group of people loosely connected to make sure everyone is included somehow. It's easy to make fast friends at this time of the year. 
I began cooking more during the pandemic and so I look forward spending the day with my daughters and some friends making food. I'll try a couple of dishes I've never made before and there are the old favorites which my grandmother used to make that I now make for my kids.  
And it will likely be the only day of the year I watch any football. Maybe.  
Hopefully, it will be warm enough to catch the last of the leaves in the mountains before all the trees are bare and snow covers the ground.  The origin story of Thanksgiving is, of course, idealized. But it still guides us all in the practice of reaching out to others,  and helping others and sharing food and culture. 
And as a day to really focus on gratitude and  all the many things we can be thankful cannot be beat. So much sharing... There is the meal that is shared, recipes shared, cleaning up the kitchen shared (kind of). And we also share with each other what we are thankful for. We see each other on Thanksgiving in a special way. 
There has been so much to be grateful for this year. Things have opened up again after more than two years. A lot of reunions with friends, and a return to customs. Movies, Art Fairs, Opera, Plays, Concerts, College Reunions..all the places we gather to connect.  I got to see a lot of art firsthand, too, in 2022.  I like the way it looks in person. 
We've made a flurry of acquisitions lately.  In very un-Thanksgiving fashion, I'm just serving up an appetizer today.  We'll be back in a week or so with more beauties to enjoy and consider. And some more insights from recent travels.

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