Hi.  I’m Aaron.  Thank you for visiting my website.

Despite my youthful appearance, I have been an art dealer for more than thirty years and have seen many cycles and trends in the art market.  Over the last few years I’ve grown disillusioned, but also enlightened.

Over these last few months, many things I’ve been thinking about  
have come into focus:
  • What is the art market?
  • What does it mean to collect fine art?
  • What is connoissieurship?
  • How do we relate to all of this in our current circumstances?
  • I began thinking about what I want the world – and the art world – to look like and what I would want my part to be.
  • There are lessons here, going all the way back to my childhood.

This website — expertise, eye candy, childlike awe, and baby steps —

toward a new way of thinking about buying and owning, and enjoying art.


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