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September 28 -
December 2, 2018

Robert Kelly

(b. 1956 Santa Fe, New Mexico)

Born in Santa Fe and based in New York , New York; Kelly’s work draws from his extensive travels. His painted collages contain found print and material from around the world and often incorporate unusual materials from his journeys. Kelly has included antique botanical drawings, handwritten notes, small sketches, vintage posters, and signs in his work. To create the ground for his paintings, he lays the re-appropriated paper in long strips to form irregular grids, small squares, and triangles. The repeated application of paper often obscures the printed content beyond recognition.

‘Robert Kelly’s work continues to explore the metaphysics of mark-making and painting on a variety of richly constructed surfaces. Combining influences of the Bauhaus from Van Doesburg to Mondrian, with those of Schwitters and Klee, Kelly weds hints of the historical with the contemporary. His play of edges, angles, and cuts creates a tension and an intuitive logic to the placement of line and form. A twin, Robert’s latest series of prints investigates the idea of doubleness through images that reflect, oppose, or mimic each other. The play of positive and negative spaces often accent his interest in duality.’ (Tamarind Institute BIO)

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