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September 28 -
December 2, 2018

Phil Binaco

(American, b. 1952 Ocean, New Jersey)

The New York Times described his work as “slightly intoxicating – animated by a hint of spiritual luminosity.” Ken Johnson

Creating abstractions out of wax and resin, this Santa Fe resident meticulously inscribes the thick, smooth surfaces with fine parallel lines to create flickering textures and simple rectilinear compositions. Reductively produced, Binaco’s process of precisely layering wax and pigment creates a depth in his work that goes beyond the three-dimensional and object-like quality of the piece itself. Like his former friend and teacher Agnes Martin, Binaco’s work is an experience to sit with. His paintings are presented in a perfect square frame as repeating geometry and linear rhythms draw that attention to the subtleties of tone, surface and simplicity evoke serenity and personal introspection.

“A pictorial depth of field, which begins a few inches behind the painting, extends out to the viewer by way of a unique, diffusive optical vibration. Layers of pale wax on the painting trap the light, just as the vertical, pigmented incisions on the surface deflect it; obscuring the intricate exchange between light and surface.“ LILLY FAUST   The New York Art

Binaco’s works are included in permanent collections including the Albright Knox Art Gallery and the Neuberger Museum of Art

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