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September 28 -
December 2, 2018

Leon Gaspard

(b. 1882 Vitebsk, Russia d. 1964 Taos, New Mexico)


The individuality and strong character of Leon Gaspard is expressed in his remarkable paintings, which span continents and decades. His travels started at an early age. Born in Vitebsk, Russia, Gaspard accompanied his father on fur trades to Siberia. This exposure to the colorful and exotic cultures would remain a theme of his work throughout his life.

After being injured in World War I, Gaspard moved to Taos in search or a more beneficial climate. His paintings are anomalous among the work of the Taos painters, since they have many cultures from many lands as their theme. His paintings combine the clear bright colors associated with Impressionism and the influences of more modern and interpretive representation. Gaspard’s vibrant paintings, filled with movement and rendered in brilliant colors, are a historic legacy of cultures from around the world.